It's amazing what can be done with computers these days. The post production process is as important as taking the photograph in the first place. All of our property photography work goes through various stages of post production, from colour correction to retouching and so forth. We also offer post production services as a standalone product, so should you be based outside the greater Dublin area, we can still work together to make great images that sell properties!

Below is a before/after example of a typical edit on an exterior shot. While the structure should be representative of reality, it's common practice to make aesthetic adjustments to the sky, as well as removing distracting elements such as bins, puddles, garden tools etc.

Here's a list of some of the post production services we offer.

Image editing
From sky replacement to removal of distracting items, we can take your unedited photos and give them the professional finish they need to attract buyers.

Floor plan redraws
Send your sketch and we will digitize your floor plan, creating a professional floor plan graphic

Photography Consultation
All of our post production customers can avail of our photography consultation service. We give you all the tips and advice you need to use the right gear, in the right way, to make brilliant property photographs.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Spot the difference? Above you can see examples of what can be achieved in post production.

To inquire about these services, just get in touch via phone or email.

Virtual Staging

Using advanced techniques with specialized 3D graphics software, an empty room can be filled with furniture to demonstrate the potential of any space, large or small. Below you can see some examples of virtual staging. Lighting and geometry analysis is coupled with artistic vision to create the most realistic and pleasing renders, allowing you to showcase your unique vision of any space, and let the rooms potential truly shine.